KJL focus offers a photographic restoration service for your photographs that are damaged, so they can be kept for you and future generations to enjoy.

The amount of time restoration will take, varies due to the extent of damage and/or quantity of photos that need work. You will be notified of a timescale (price) before any work is done. After payment is received restoration will commence. Drafts can be emailed to you while editing is on going or you can wait until it is complete to see the outcome and notify if you are not happy with any parts of the image. Once complete, a high res. file of the image will be e-mailed to you and your image sent back. Extra charges for photo to be printed and shipped.


Please contact for pricing.

Discounted price will be worked out if there are more than 3 photos to be edited.

If you are interested in having a photograph(s) restored or have an enquiry please get contact KJL focus for info. and how to send a preview of the image for a quick and free estimate.

The before and after images above give an indication of time per hour NOT days a photo may need to be worked on. Images can take up to 7 days to be completed.