Tree Presence, photography book 2011.

Tree Presence is a photography book which was published as part of a University 2nd year assignment. The task was to research a variety of photography books; the layouts, fonts, colour schemes etc used to find out what makes an aesthetic pleasing, flowing and informative book. The theme was open, therefore the students had the freedom to photograph and explore which ever subjects they wished. Choosing paper types and book coverings was also to be dealt with.

The tree theme was chosen by Kirsty as landscape photography is her passion. She has always been drawn to trees even from a young age; whether reading about them (A dentist’s waiting room had a copy of ‘The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, which was flicked through countless times on check-ups, as comfort for an anxious little girl), climbing them, drawing or simply aweing at the size of the great Oaks that have loomed over her garden since before she was born. It is possibly these trees as to why Kirsty is attracted to studying them. For 25 years she has seen them change with the seasons; losing their leaves, limbs being dusted by snow and them becoming home to a number of different wildlife. Likewise these same trees have seen epic playtimes and an extraordinary imagination come to light all in a tiny garden. So it isn’t any wonder why, when given the chance she decided to opt for a book with the theme of trees as her assignment.

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